After retiring from 45 years of educational fund raising, I joined the board at SECU Family House where Greg Kirkpatrick had already completed its oversubscribed capital campaign while serving as Executive Director.

During my term as President of the Board, I witnessed Greg lead the most successful nonprofit that I had been associated with as a volunteer. The House had no debt, budgeted for its future reserve needs, and had a force of several hundred volunteers. Greg was a professional in every way, sensitive to donors, prospects, guests and families. He was also a motivator of staff and the large force of volunteers.

Greg was appropriately aggressive in fund raising with all levels of donors and special events. This is verified by his operation with surpluses of more than $100,000 each year and in his last year more than $210,000.

As a Board member and volunteer, I found Greg one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly to you and your organization.

Jim Copeland, retired executive director, UNC Medical Foundation and president of SECU Family House board, 2011 and 2012

I worked with Greg as the chair of SECU Family House’s building committee and then as president of the board. What initially impressed me was his organizational and fundraising abilities, now well evidenced by the success of our $8.1 million capital campaign. He did much to elevate the SECU Family House ‘brand’. During construction of Family House, Greg displayed a noteworthy breadth of skills and knowledge, combined with the perseverance to overcome the inevitable obstacles to turning a construction project into an operational facility. Ultimately, as Family House began receiving visitors, what I came to appreciate most about Greg was his true dedication to the mission of caring for the well-being of others. His compassion, warmth and humor enable him to relate to each of the diverse groups (the donors, staff, volunteers, patients and caregivers) that combine to make SECU Family House such a self-sustaining, caring environment.

Mark Zack, President, Durable Design, PLLC, president of SECU Family House board, 2007

Greg is a strong organizational leader who is passionate about his profession. When faced with challenges, Greg creates an organized and well-communicated plan and puts it into action. As a board chair who worked directly with Greg early on at SECU Family House, he understood my limitations (time and expertise) and worked within those constraints to make me and other board members more productive and kept the role enjoyable. I strongly recommend Greg as a leader.

Matt Hapgood, Principal, FlyRight Inc., president of SECU Family House board, 2006

I got to know Greg during the fundraising, building and opening of the SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals. As a donor, I found Greg to be very personable and compassionate. He demonstrated genuine kindness toward the guests, board, volunteers, and donors. The staff clearly saw him as a leader, and he was able to motivate them and encourage staff and volunteers towards excellence while creating a culture of compassion, warmth, and gentle humor.

Greg was responsible for completing a $8.1 million capital campaign which funded not only the building but initial operations of the home, as well as a $1M endowment. He oversaw the year and a half construction of the home, planning of programs and services, and official opening in September, 2009.

Greg kept donations to the House flowing by establishing significant fundraising events and building teams of volunteers and staff to ensure their effectiveness. These events proved to be great marketing and branding tools.

Greg is a dedicated and committed individual who belongs in a leadership role where his skills will be best utilized.

Mary Beth Boening, Office Manager, East West Partners, board member, SECU Family House, 2006-2010

Greg is an amazing example of how to get anything done! He was a wonderful partner in fundraising when we were all out there looking for money to build the SECU Family House in Chapel Hill. We were a great team, and he was an asset to all who knew him. I am blessed to have him as a friend and look forward to working with him again. His management of the Family House was spectacular. All who came to stay there realized what a great team he had put together. My husband Bob and I were residents there for a short time and nothing was left to chance: we had everything needed in our home away from home!

Pam Boyd, Executive Coordinator, Boresha International, SECU Family House volunteer fundraiser and resident

From the first day we met, we knew where your heart and interest lay. You did an awesome job, comforted so many, and truly, significantly, positively affected the lives of so many.

As I can personally attest, my life and that of my wife and my family are forever indebted to you. We thank you forever. You are a good and decent man, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and we pray God will always keep you and yours in the palm of His hand.

Col. and Mrs. John (Jack) J. Carroll, USMC (Ret), Mt. Gilead, NC, 1st bone marrow transplant recipient to stay at SECU Family House upon its completion

Greg has been involved with the Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) for many years where he now serves on the board, providing leadership on a variety of projects. His ability to see the ‘big picture’ was particularly in evidence with his leadership in developing the organization’s five-year strategic plan. As the host for the 25th anniversary conference and celebration, Greg succeeded in securing sponsorships, exhibitors and significant in-kind contributions. Even with the high cost associated with this touchstone event, the conference in Chapel Hill generated much-needed net revenue for HHN. What Greg sets out to do, he does!

Karylinn Echols, Executive Director, HHN 

Greg is a remarkable expert in his professional field. He is an approachable, engaged and informed leader in the nonprofit world and provided me with a considerable amount of guidance, leadership and wisdom in my role with Caring House in Durham. His help directly led to organizational growth and positive change. I would highly recommend Greg for any consulting help!

Kimberly Jeffs, LPC, former Operations Manager, Caring House, Durham

Greg is an extraordinary professional with a broad range of skills. As counterparts at two different hospital hospitality houses, I had the pleasure of working with Greg for four years. Every interaction I had with him or any member of the team he built demonstrated his strong leadership skills and his competence as an Executive Director. The SECU Family House didn’t need to hire a Development Director because Greg somehow managed to skillfully serve that role in addition to his executive director role. He’s an impressive guy! Any organization would be very fortunate to have him as part of their team.

Marcia Whitney, Senior Consultant at Sims and Steele Consulting, Asheville, former executive director, Rathbun Center, Asheville, NC

Greg and I have gotten to know each other over the years during our respective experiences at our healthcare hospitality houses. I consider Greg to be a great innovator, highly intelligent and a seasoned director. He is also very personable and willing to help in any way possible. I’ve worked with his team in many ways, sharing best practices and improving the quality of services being provided to families in need. I consider the organization he led to be in the top tier of houses in the country that we collaborate with and appreciate all of his efforts and support.

Dawn Stanhope, Executive Director, David’s House, Lebanon, NH


•Profiled as leader in the NC Philanthropy Journal, January 2005

Person of the Week on William Friday’s NC PeopleUNC-TV, 1996

•Twice named Tar Heel of the Week by the News and Observer, May 1986 and August 1992